Sunday, 17 May 2009

Food Food Food!!!! lolz food food...nth much to update,juz some foods pic...hehe

At La Manila in MidValley

Germaine's Fried Rice

My Fish & Chips

At Little Vietnam,oso at MidValley,really begin to like their foods...haha

The Shaved ice...kinda nice

Germaine's Chicken and Celery Porridge

My Chicken Toss Noodle

Wat keep me awake for me to study???

Tower of Red Bulls


Melissa said...

don't becum a mad bull after drinking so much red bull k!! hehe.

Rosso said...

Since when your blog had became a food blog?! Hahaha.

Da Devil said...

mel - lolz...mad bull?hope so..den i no need to drink so many..drink so much later get diabetes...cham lor

rosso - bro...i oso dunno lar...recently car got nth to update,den exam...wat i can update is food..mayb after exam will go to trip...hehe..den got more variety ady...hehe