Saturday, 16 May 2009

Dinner at Hoong Kee Seafood Noodles House

The day b4 yesterday,i juz manage to stay awake for around 40hours....yet now..still the same..still rushing to do last minute of burning midnight oil...another day...sigh...nw,still got 1 assignment to go..sigh...eyes getting sloppy and blurred...still need to finished it...argh...



lolz...cacing make cacing money

Hoong Kee Seafood restaurant,in front of Hai-0 at Petaling Street there,the previous shop was King's cafe

drinks menu

Chrysanthemum - wrong spelling
Ma Thai Chok Cheah - Water Chestnut and Chinese Sugar Cane
Barley Sugar Cucumber - Barley wif Winter Melon
lolz..the direct translation makes my day

MeiYee's Tomyam Noodles and Meehun

James's Dry Noodle wif Fishball and Fishcake

Germaine's Soup Meehoon wif Fishball and Fishcake

My dry noodle wif Lala

My Ma Thai Chook Cheah..haha..anyway...the drink was delicious

Germaine,MeiYee and till 9.30pm at college...haha


As I saw you,
My Heartbeat getting faster,
My palms are sweaty,
My Stomach went butterfly,
My blood pressure rises,
As i know,
That i like you,
I tend to get nervous when i near you,
I'm getting comfortable,
The feeling was nice and warm,
It was like being hug,
When u are cold,
When there is some1 for you when u are alone,
When u are hungry some1 was there to feed you,
I hope i can hold this feeling forever,
With you,
I won't forget it,
Remember every details,
and cherish every moments when we are together.

on the sidenote...argh...i overslept as my eyes beh tahan ady...crap..nw got less than 1hours to finished my assignment...gud too,coz 1 essay juz required u to finished in 45mins..ok gtg...


sirei said...

so syok la u, always got good food to eat...
me always need to watch out my wallet... T_T

Melissa said...

fuiyooo... "piah" til 9.30pm ehh... hardworking hor!! hehe.

Da Devil said...

sirei - lolz...well,sumtimes gud food doesnt mean exp...juz need to eat according to wat u like lar..den can ady...hehe

mel - lolz..yealar..after tat,had to go bck home and study till morning...sienz