Saturday, 2 May 2009

Breakfast in my hometown

well..usually i wont bring dslr to go for breakfast,either lazyness or forget abt tat day had to help my dad to take some pic and had to go over to his office after b4 the food arrive i juz play around...hehe

the shop was kinda famous in my hometown,which situated next to Sg Pahang at Temerloh,which whenever i go bck to hometown,almost every morning i will go there to have my breakfast...and is call 'Ah Sang' coz the boss name is Ah Sang...wakaka

The shop...

The husband and wife tat run the shop,where the wife handle the noodles while the husband take care of payment and drinks

even got 2 'A' wei...dun play play

My usual morning drink - Teh Ais

The noodles - Kon Lo Mee..delicious

Their famous and delicious BBQ pork which is half fat and half meat,perfect combo

some pic i forgot to take is their preserved chillies which was delicious to eat wif the noodles,which i heard from the boss,1 week he had to order 20kg of fresh chillies for it,sometimes nt even enuf....yummy


Melissa said...

d shop looks kinda clean, really. n d "pun fei sao char siew" is super tempting!! haha.

Da Devil said... fav breakfast stall or shop watever u call it...hehe,and the boss oso kinda nice de...wakaka
hardly can find any nice pun fei sao char siew ady...