Friday, 8 May 2009

Dinner at Midvalley

juz nw after study grp at college,Germaine and me decided to go to dinner at somewhere got aircondition as the weather was so freaking hot...gosh...recently the weather was really we eat at CO-DO(if nt mistaken) juz upstair of little wise kinda okok,but i like the smoothie the most...YUMMY...

Germaine's Siu Mai Spaghetti

my Vietnamese Chicken rice
(above 2 pics taken by Germaine)

Red Bean smoothies - very nice drink,would be better if it was much cooler
(pic taken wif my crappy hp)

why the mixture of pics??coz my handy digicam's SD card corrupted dy...wat the....oh well,luckily nw ok ady...hehe


Melissa said...

U seem to lepak at Mid Valley a lot, juz like how I used to last sem. How come nvr bump into u b4?? :-p

Da Devil said... i knw u..but then i juz go there for dinner lar...hehe