Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dinner at XiaoLong Chinese Cuisine

Gosh,i juz notice tat all my recent post was on food,wakaka...anyway,on tuesday,after the usual grp study,we went to this Xiao Long Chinese Cuisine in Genting Klang juz beside The Cola club tat last time we use to go there

Grp study....

Thing tat kept me alive...

Pig popping out from pencil box

Deco on the wall

Germaine's Braised Chicken rice

Mine Hakka Minced Pork rice

Food was okok,as expected from those themed restaurant,where usually the selling point was their deco,but really the food juz mediocre and the price was kinda above average,and i doubt i will be going bck...lolz...anyway...several probs wif the restaurant was...the seat,which they juz need to heightened up the couch or lowered the table height as when i slacking on the couch,i cant even eat as the table was too high,den there come the deco,deco was ok,but will be better if they use a 42inch plasma and showing Bruce Lee vids and some of his figurine and memorabilia at empty spaces,den it would be better....


It is raining now,
As the clock ticks away,
Alone in front of my laptop,
Your faces running through my head,
Like a moving pictures,
It never end rolling,
I just can't take my eyes of you when you smile,
You might not notice,
But I'm attracted to your smile,
Whenever your image of smiling going thru my head,
I will smile by myself too,
Like a fool,
Like a fool who smile by himself,
Where others might thought he is crazy,
But yet,
Maybe I'm crazy,
I don't want to be sane,
As let me be a fool.
To be drown in this feeling,
Of missing you,
I miss you.

The dosage of the nite for me to rush up 3 assignments b4 8am later,guess wont be nw already 4am and im taking 10mins rest to relax my mind...Ok,back to my assignment,Law of Trusts...sigh..exam is coming soon...stress,frust,nervous all come in 1 shot...fark...


Melissa said...

oohhh... did u becum Bruce Lee after makan-ing at d shop?? hohoho.

Da Devil said...

wakaka...bruce lee?lolz..nah...dih happened...the food oso not nice de...nt recommend to go there...hehe