Saturday, 11 October 2008


While revision,something had hit me...lolz...anyway...juz too bored and lazy to do homework..hehe...sigh...


What is life?
What is it all about?
Struggle through hardship?
Being Up and Down in life?
To fell Happy and Sad?
To be looked down or high by someone else?
To love or to be loved?
What is life?
To me which i really didn't had the answer for it,
Nor the gist of what is life,
As far as i know,
Life is Hard and Sucks,
So just suck it up and brace for it,
And pray for a better tomorrow.


I had been told that when it's raining,
It was God who was crying thus the tears feel down to earth,
But when it's raining while it is sunny,
Guess that is the Joy of tears from the God himself,
But really,
Does rain bring Joy or Sadness?
Walking under the rain,
Just cleared up my mind,
Which the rain mostly were because of sadness,
As it was cloudy most of the time,
Rain washed away my sadness,
Rain washed away my pain,
Rain washed away my guilt,
As now i'm by the window pane,
Watching the rain dripping,
and drip off the trees.


april said...

waaa...cute meow meow...u always put those adorable animal's pic in it ho...haha

Da Devil said... tat u wont be bored mah...imagine if all juz words...lolz..i oso lazy to read ady...wakaka

april said...

u were refering to my bloggy ah...wordsssssss..... pissed*