Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Feel like hugging some1 now...but who???

This few days,dunno why 'God keep on crying'....even make me feel down for no apparent reason...some do says,raining is cheapskate drifter or slider(like me)a good fren as we can slide or drift without worrying or wearing down our tires...but somehow i was not in mood for it lately...

When i first saw you,
I had been attracted to you,
I dunno why,
But i just being attracted to you,
I had asked myself,
What make me attracted to you,
But it seems like i can't think of any reason,
Is just like destiny,
As when i saw you,
Is just the world left me and you,
And others doesn't matter at all,
As whenever before i sleep or when i wake up,
The 1st thing i think of is you,
It was as like you had been tattoo into my mind,
As my head will constantly had the image of you,
Image of you were smiling,
You were laughing,
You were concentrating,
You were taking a nap,
As i think,
In my lifetime,
I won't forget of you,
As you had already been tattooed,
On my heart and my soul.

Anyway wrote the above...erm,statement or poem watever u guys like to call it as i oso dunno wat to call it,coz of all the raining,thanz to the sky for raining everyday....making my somehow lonely and Emo deep down inside my heart...damn.....argh...those feeling..'BEGONE' now....
anyway...soli for the erm..kinda unhappy post...hope those happy stuff will be back soon...hehe


april said... wrote that 'poem'?? first few couple words i saw - drift...pengsan~ kakaka...
adorable meow meow pics u got there..let me curi and save it sin! thanks!!wakakaka

Da Devil said...

haha..curi lar...i still got alot more...muehehe...

wait...u mean juz the first few couple make u faint??hmm..den nt nice enuf...need to write more then...haha

Melissa said...

yea man.. lately keep raining... dunno y.. anyway dun so emo laaa... go makan some chocolate k!! :p