Thursday, 9 October 2008

erm....wat izzit?nah...juz random..lolz

Lalala....sigh...kinda bored getting kinda tired of reading some stuffs and preparing for the nex class,and my washing machine in KL had broke down,since it was a semi-auto washing machine,only the spinner side was i had to twist the clothes by nt a good news for those who had long fingernails...sigh...luckilly all my nails are still ok...wakaka

anyway...juz simply write some stuff,if got grammar mistake,juz forget abt it...muehehe....


The moment i saw your eyes,
It's just captured my attention to both your eyes,
Everytime you blink your eyes,
It will sparkles,
Like the star in the dark sky,
Compare to the stars in the sky,
Your eyes outshine all the stars in the sky,
It's the most beautiful eyes i had ever seen,
It had captured my soul,
Which i will remember it forever.

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