Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Test the new Vios

yea i knw,i knw...the vios had been long launch and was like being test and comment by those pro..but oh well nw is by a newbie...haha

anyway...after like almost 100km test drive...the only nice stuff abt it is the sound proofing is better than the previous model and power wise was slightly increase if compare to the previous model...but still struggle to go beyond 120km/h...haha..anyway...although many had claim is a nice car,but once i sit in it..oh my...the seating position was way high even after i adjust to the lowest,and the steering position/angle oso way low...sigh...oh well...the control of the ICE,was much easier as there is control from the steering itself..but but but the steering design was kinda nt tat nice to grip it as it is not comfortable for my to place my thumb behind it..i wonder wat went wrong...oh well but i like the leather steering though(any1 wan to sponsor me to rewrap my current R32 steering?,hehe)...oh yea...the handbrake/e-brake was kinda heavy and the faster u go,the stiffer ur steering get...haha

overall is a nice car...nth much to be said as it is quite a simple and nice car...nth much to be complain of...haha...oh yea...nt much pics is taken as i was basically driving the car..lolz

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