Thursday, 26 June 2008

Lolx..Spring Cleaning...haha

Lolx....some ppls said tat the car reflects the owner personality....due to more and more stuff being throw into my rear trunk....and is all messy...after delaying for quite time to arrange and see wat did i hav inside the trunk as can throw off any unnecessary item to make the car as lightweight as possible to save on goes...

1st - yellow wheel stopper...

2 - some black colour cable ties(as mention by Team Kansei,when touge,Cable Tie is ur best fren,haha)

3 - Some wheel nuts for my spare tyre...

4 - Brand new unused A31 Bosskit...lolx

5 - some brake system parts...'O' ring and etc

6 - original A31 Jack...

7 - secondary/spare jack...well u never knw when u need to use both...haha

8 - Some Dot 4 brake fluid

9 -lots of lots of water kept inside the bottles

10 - lots of extra bulbs...haha

11 - knw wat izzit?haha

11 - still dun get it? those triangle shape thingy u put 10 metres away from ur car if ur car breakdown on road...haha

12 - original A31 air ram kit...haha

13 - original A31 grill

14 - original OEM A31 steering

15 - My broken indicator light

16 - spare A31 coil

17 - Spare A31 fuel pump

18 - Spare A31 power window motor

19 - last but not least..some Booster cable...which is necessary for Auto car...haha

haha....after all the mess....nw my trunk look so clean and had lot of space ady...muehehe


Mel-Meow said...

OMG!! dun u hv waaaaaay too many stuff in there!! :p

Da Devil said...

wakaka...yeap...but after throw away some unnecessary stuff and arrange it...all look neat nw...haha