Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Untitled....really dunno wat to put...

Kinda bored..cincai type the below stuff....lolz

Is the best medicine,
To wash away the Pains,
To wash away the Hopes,
To wash away the Dreams,
From you,
As I know,
I'm not the one for you,
As I didn't have anything for you,
All I have is my heart,
But it seems for me that it was not enough,
Hence I need to go away,
Away from all,
And forget all about it


Why i can't forget about you,
Yet each time,
I had told myself to stop thinking of you,
But i don't know why,
My heart just won't listen to my brain anymore,
As it was my heart that was missing you,
Where i just can't wipe it out,
Your smile,
Appearing before my head,
Like moving pictures,
It keep on rolling and rolling,
Don't care whenever it was morning,
Or night,
I do hope you will missing me too,
But I know it wouldn't happened,
As now,
Is just my heart,
Won't stop missing you,
I do hope,
1 day,
Some day,
I'll be able to let you go,
Out of my life.


I miss your smile,
I miss your laughter,
I miss the way you drink,
I miss the way you eat,
I miss your look on your face when you are concentrating,
All the above is just simply means,
I miss you.


well was kinda bored slacking off from today had go to college for our group study...and while in the middle of studying...suddenly it turn pitch black...geez...wonder wat happened to college today....and is my 1st time ever experience the blackout at college...lolz....guess some electricity had short the circuit and make it trip...while in the pitch black,we still discussing OLA '57 and '84...wakaka...we are so hardworking...lolz..

And today...have tis for my breakfast...wakaka


april said...

wah,.,...ur poem so so long geh???

the meow meow so cute..owh, i miss mcd breakfast!! i love their breakfast!!! yummy!!

Da Devil said...

lolz..long meh?lolz..cincai type geh..coz yesterday kinda bored...hehe

cute leh...hehe, their breakie,den join us grp study lar...muehehe

sirei said...

willian da devil shakespears, lol XD
looks like you love mcD breakfast hor?

Da Devil said...


well ok lar...but their coffee is useless...lolz

sirei said...

oops! i mean william lar! XD

i tried their tea before... no comment on it. :(

Da Devil said...

wakaka....tea lagi still boleh tahan...but the caffeine juz...not enuf..lolz..

Melissa said...

Mc D brekkie! Miss it! ^^