Monday, 24 March 2008

Toyota Rush

K,let's start this....well tat day got a chance to see the and test the Toyota Rush myself which during last time when it was launch,there were quite many ppls looking and testing wont be able to take nice is the pic tat i took and some comments on it...
well Toyota Rush were come in 3 models...there is the 1.5G M/T,1.5G A/T and lastly 1.5S A/T
K,K...the Silver is not the 1 i take pic from and the same...juz color diff..hehe
price range from Rm 85,888 to Rm 94,888....currently...

The Headlight


The Right rear side of it...

Da Left

Tyre - Dunlop ST20

The Steering

The Door panel,which i like it the most...if in leather,more chun

The passenger aircond blower..which will served nicely in Malaysia's hot weather...

The dashboard..practical and useful

The latest trend in all new Toyota vehicle to create more spaces,notice the center,din have the box ady...for more legroom space

The Gate type Auto Gear console

The ICE/center dash...

The view from rear passenger seat

The look when the bonnet were lift up
(soli nt the the pic nicely as the car were at a packed place)

The VVT-i yo...1.5VVT-i DOHC

Another shot at the engine

The large radiator panel

Lastly...the Keys...hehe

For more info please call my Mr.K.H Wong ,Toyota Sales advisor
anyway....Mr.K.H Wong is my anything u oso can sms to me abt the inquiry...thx for the support....hehe

HP - 019 - 986 6993
-019 - 988 6309

This is his name card,which is he is working for branch and not feel safe to deal business with him...hehe

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