Friday, 18 June 2010

Vietnam Trip - Day 1

Go to Saigon,Vietnam on 13th of June,right after my exam..wakaka...overall the trip was
nice,hehe,oh yea,lot of pics ahead...hehe...go there for 4days 3nights,hehe...really recommended to go over there,but of coz,not for relaxation retreat lar..haha

Had breakfast at LCCT

Genise and June

Hon,while waiting for the Toast

While waiting to board the plane


Driver that pick us up at Vietnam International Airport
kinda hard to communicate with him as he only speak Vietnamnese and lil bit of english

Some cars spotted which is almost the same as Malaysia..

some stuffs...

coffee bean

Gloria's Jeans Coffee

CT plaza right outside the Vietnam International Airport

Cathedral where can hav wedding photoshoot...hehe


Petrol Station

Guess wat car is tat?

Saw the lower traffic light?is for motorcyclist...haha

Check out the electric cable....gosh

yea,the traffic there is horrid

Selling various of cute helmets

Yea,saw lot of iphone being sold there



The flags,yea,the 1 behind Vietnam's Flag is the Hammer and Sickle
Pho Bo

Our Hotel...Liberty 4

3 Stars hotel,but service was exceptional...

After putting our luggage at the room,we go out and search for lunch and walk around the area

Chillies sauce and some other sauce that abit like Fish sauce which was damn tasty,wonder here in Malaysia got sell or not

My Fried Rice with eggs...hehe

after having our lunch,we walk around Saigon to look for the famouse Ben Thah market

Saw some trishaw on the way

yeap,another Hammer and Sickle sign

consider the Center of District 1 of Saigon

Lot of birdies.....

green green park

Lot of roadside sellers on the street

walk walk walk


reach Ben Thanh market...hehe

The exterior of the Ben Thanh market

Kinda crowded inside and HOT and STUFFY

spotted pulut the next post will post abt the pulut

After walk around and sweat alot...haha,we spotted sugarcane seller selling drinks

Yup,they add lime in the sugarcane was AWE....wait for it.......SOME

While waiting for the drinks

Yay...the drink is here...yummy

Is Mine...mine...mineeeeeee,muahaha
yea,their sugarcane is more of white colour

The other customers...

Exotic Wine

Chicken roaming by the street side

Yeap,there oso got 'Zhung'

Yea,the telephone oso the same as ours..wakaka


Yup,own by Thanh Cong,wakaka...not our ETCM..wakaka

China Branded car - Matiz

Then at night,head over to Parkson Plaza to have dinner,which the Taxi driver try to con us for the taxi when in vietnam,be advise to take the cab either from Vinasun or Mahli all over the place...white colour cab

waiting for food


Seafood Spagehtti

Pork Chop rice with BBQ sauce

Beef Soup Noodle...Pho Bo?

After that,take cab bck to hotel,and sit around to see the surrounding view


so colourful

after that,walk bck to hotel and dose off...lolz,next up,the 2nd day in vietnam,for the 1/2 day tour,stay tune


Karlota said...

i want to go to vietnam someday too.. weee

Da Devil said...

oo, a nice city,got chance mayb i will go again

Melissa said...

Did u get any of the exotic wine?? Hehe~

Da Devil said...

nop mel,din even dare to touch it,haha...

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