Friday, 24 April 2009

1 male roomate wanted!!!

As per title above,looking for 1 male roomate,as my roomate,preferably Chinese will be leaving on May,so the space available from May onwards...3 ppls in Master Bedroom including you

Location - TAR Villa Apartment(walking distance approx of 5-8mins from Wangsamaju LRT Station and 15mins from TARC)
Rent - Rm 170(not including electricity,water and streamyx bill)
Facilities - Fridge,streaymx,Gas

Further enquiries juz call or juz drop me a comments or shoutout at the chatbox...thz

Wiliam - 017-962 7833
YeoHang - 012-857 5558


Jade said...

that's weird..i thought u would prefer female? LOL!

sirei said...

i just gave my friend your numbers
so maybe i dunno he called u yet...

Da Devil said...

jade - lolz...share the room wif me wor?gal dunwan de...haha

sirei - well today got 1 person call me lar..dunno is ur fren or not...hehe...thz!!!