Thursday, 24 July 2008

Random post...

well really a random post....wakaka...well u decide...

Soft Toys...

well as per topic above...soft toys mostly is some stuff tat most of the gals like to own or even hugging them...but for me...they juz sit in my car as passenger to accompany i usually drive need something lively(yea,i knw,it sound scary when soft toys come alive) keep me i had experience b4 of driving and almost hit the pylon due to too sleepy(yea...coz din slp for almost 2days) nw...wif some of it in my car,guess i can simply talk to them(nop,im nt crazy...well but almost ever1 tat is in the mental asylum oso say tat they are nt crazy...wakaka)...well at least it is better to speak to urself...which kinda remind me of some1 who had tell me tat speaking to urself occasionally can prevent urself from having Alzheimer....beside tat,passenger tat sit in my car oso can hug the soft toys to make them feel comfortable,as sumtime my driving skill kinda sux...and scary too...wakaka

2 Devils strap together..

Close up...

The Red Devil...muehehe

The Devil's backside..lolz..the tail look nice...

The Black Devil Andox

The Devil's tail...muehehe

The stuff that hang around my rear view mirror...
The Piggie hang around my rear view mirror...

The Devil Voodoo doll...

The small figurine on my dash...

Kitty - zzz...nice bear...zzzz

Red Wine...

Beside than my Gundam action figure collection,i oso had another red wine...mostly i stock on Merlot or Shiraz...either from France,Australia or Chile....haha....

My current collection of Red and White wine...

My Bleu merlot and Hennessy ..haha

My Fav among all...

Oso a nice red wine...

Only year 2002 is nice...other than that the taste nt tat nice ady...

So as this....niceeeeee....

well i nw lack of a proper wine cooling fridge...any1 wan to sponsor me??haha

Small Flood...

yea...when it rain like cats and dog,for awhile,my houz sure will had a mini flood,which it will flood my garage/'kaki lima' area...why it happened?coz some of my stupid neighbour decide to block the drain coz he say the water is filled wif rubbish and build a small dam thingy to block the rubbish...and to hell...his house is ok..but my houz..damn..sumtime when had a stupid or block headed neighbour damn frust de...oh least my dog enjoy it....haha...


At least my dog enjoy it...haha


Adriana said...

Love your devil soft toys. I'm not the soft toy type of person but there're a few teddy bears that sit on my bed for some sentimental reason. Mostly are gifts from close friends. Especially a green ty bear that my friends got me during my 16th birthday and I've to bring it over from Sarawak because it reminds me the people who loves me.

And btw, you actually have soft toys in your car. That pretty much sums up the kind of person that you are. :) The good one I mean.

Da Devil said...

lol...thz...The good 1?lolz...hope is nt girly!!!...wakaka....well green teddy wor...seldom see those any pics of it?haha...

Adriana said...

Haha. It's just an ordinary teddy bear with a scarf wrap around it.

Da Devil said...

i see...sure very cute...haha

Mel-meow said...

Whoa... u've certainly more soft toys in ur car compared to mine!! :p N abt dat flood... I think my dog would hv enjoyed it too~ ^^

Da Devil said...

wakaka....u sure boh?i juz got few only lar..anyway..still got 1 Domokun wif my frens,so i need to go bck kl and get it from i asked him to buy for me..wakaka...

lolz...i oso dunno,why my dog enjoy it....lolz

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