Monday, 25 February 2008

Mix up...

Well the reason for the title above is becoz some of the issue is back dated issue which i almost forgot to post might juz combine it...

COD4 nite

well,let's start wif Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare again...on 2oth Feb 2008...where at roomates and i decided to go to Genting Klang to had dinner then have some fun at the CC...of coz wat we play is we juz basially play Domination where each team had to capture 3 flag/spot at specific places....anyway...we from Tar Villa are against them from Genting basically juz 2 diff teams..wakaka..and we had lot of fun....basically juz us i think..coz we pawn the in almost all of the maps...wakaka...anyway..they do had some undeniable skill which i oso cant see where there are shooting from and 1 of them is expert in using knife...wif juz need 1 slash den u will be die in shame...wakaka...

hehe..while waiting for others to capture the flag..all i juz need to hit the C4...wakaka..Boom

200 - 85...yes..we won...OpFor team...yea...

Level up...going to be Staff Sergeant...hehe

YipKooSing and Saint is my roomates..while the Devil is me..hehe

other map...yea..we won again...

After the COD4..back to olskool..haha

Random pics

some of the pic which was taken on the same day around 4pm..which i kinda like it...but soli for the pic quality as was using Digicam..hope some1 can buy me a new DSLr or 2nd DSLr...i dun really mind...i juz wan a DSLr..thats all...wakaka

Pic from my apartment..cant take any nice pic from my condo dy..being rented out ady,sobsob

Noob Drivers....argh....

well some ppl juz need to go back to driving school or academy to learn how to drive..this noob here...even step on brake while going uphill...and at some certain point..she juz total blasted the brake and almost put the car at halt...luckily i was kinda far and if nt..damn..sure i will be late for my tutorial....

NOOB driver...

and this happened yesterday...where some f###ing idiot juz dunno how to park and give ways...there is a stupid a beat up proton saga(no offend to other saga owner as i my self oso own an Iswara)....which the fella block the whole road in front and juz wont let us passed...for f###ing sake..dude...wat the F### is wrong wif u?u getting some dumbf### from the prostitute near/behind my college izzit?cant wait ady izzit?? pic taken as was so damn 'HOT' and was bz watching my rear wheel whether got fall into the drain as the F###er dun let us pass and wanted me to make a u turn at a damn narrow space...fuh..soli..this mayb is 1 of my anger release entry..wakaka..move on

C U There Reataurant...and its Patron...'Ku Jie'(cantonese)

Well yesterday i had a lecture college is weird..had lecture on sunday..and to make it more worse...the class start at after Mr.Joseph Low(a senior lecturer from Brickfield college where is oso the only Full time lecturer when he move to ATC)which he teaches Land Law and prepare a hell gud of law's note for Land Law...the only tat he is too 'chiong hei'(cantonese)....wait..correction.....'Chhhhhiiiiiiioooooooonnnnnngggggg Hhhhhheeeeeiiiiiiii'...other that tat...he is complain...after the lecture is our lunch time..yum yum..where initially we decide to go to King's cafe..but once we got was damn we decide to go to Green Hut...but it was closed...-_-......luckily an almost similar restaurant,C U There we juz decided to go there....oh yea..there was like almost 12 ppls if nt mistaken...lets see....Kelv,JC,FuSeng,SeetLoong(Ivan),Victor(Tai Lou),Matt,Jade,Vanessa,YingShin(dun quite sure knw how to pronounce),Wendy...and Me of 11 poorly in math...that why i take law...wakaka...

Blacku Cohee(tat how kelv pronounce it)

The drink i order at C U There...some mango and lychee mix drink

The ShangHai Fried rice i order..basically juz luncheon meat,eggs,rice and some sesame oil...tat all

after we were done..the patron come and collect our dishes and suddenly overheard kelv asking where got Flouroscent(aiya..dunno how to spell) papers...den the owner/patron..well simplay juz call her Ku Jie...cos in conversation she did mention tat her niece call her Ku Jie she suggested to Kelv to go to Popular..den for dunno wat reason..started the wraping gift issue..and the Ku Jie start sharing her opinion..which some of them is quite true but juz wont go into our ears as..dude...we were young lar...tell me...had u ever saw a young fella listen to all those elders and live by rules and stuff??i think this smal pin thingy where on matt's quote 'Live the life by following the rules and you wont hav any fun'(sumthing like tat)which was bought by Wendy's...thx ya...din hav time to say thx...

This is wat i get...guess i use too much profanity then...

anyway...oo...Kelvin...wat had u done??some gal juz wrote some stuff at C U There restaurant abt disliking u??which gal u 'kau' den 'pit jor'??wakaka...

erm...wat to input summore..hmm....oh any car fans out there...any1 knw where got sell a RX-7 or cheap Skyline R32 GTS-T or GTT or BMW 318i or Ci..and yea..all of them in manual..thz.....inform me yea...juz wan to consider my car...i mean i knw RB series engine do drink up petrol like water...but RM0.32 per km?was like...huh?coz wat i heard tat
13B engine or Rotary engine is RX-7 FD3S is oso doing Rm0.3+ per when my RB become 13B? those who find i mayb juz 'wan kat'....den no need to inform me lar..coz u all oso dunwan those ppl who came in juz ask den din buy rite?haha
some do say..change to RB25DET will be lowered the Fuel Consumption(FC)...but nw i still cant afford the Half cut,ok..lets say i get the half cut..den labour leh??den road tax??lol..i juz simply cant find a way to fork out more money....but i do really like to convert it to least will lowered the FC abit and plan to get a bucket seat to lighten the will reduce on the FC...haha...but then..all i do nw is juz talk and no action..wakaka...anyway..move on

all readers....nw..most of those word in inverted comas are literally straight translate from cantonese....why cantonese?coz im cantonese...wakaka...

anyway...back to Joseph Low's note...need to study hard ady...coz exam is around the corner..argh....

oh yea..b4 i forgot..found another funny wallpaper....enjoy


Melissa said...

haha... there r alwiz inconsiderate n pathetic drivers on d road... juz try to be patient lo... altho I'm aware I curse n swear a lot while driving. :p

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